A New Way of Thinking

There are lots of ways to make your practice better. You can read books, hire consultants, go to business programs or just find out the hard way through trial and error. But lets be honest; you signed up to be an orthodontist and with things like overhead, staffing, marketing and financial management, nobody told you how hard it would be to be a business owner.

OrthopreneursRD was designed to help with the non-technical parts of practice by someone whos been through it all. Dr. Glenn Krieger has 25 years in dentistry, spent time in business programs, lectured internationally on case acceptance and internal marketing solutions and has been named “Top Clinician in CE” over 10 times by Dentistry Today magazine. He has created a place where orthodontists can come together to create a collegial environment, with guidance and motivation, and help each other become the best we can.

The hope is that everyone can avoid the common pitfalls of business ownership and increase our market share with the help of our peers and the active guidance of group discussions by Dr. Krieger.