What’s “Regional Dominance” All About ?

Graduate programs train orthodontists to be great technicians but don’t do much in the way of teaching real-world business and entrepreneurial skills. Every year, approximately 350 orthodontists graduate their residency programs, many with significant debt and few with a true understanding of what they are about to face in the workplace.

OrthopreneursRD, the idea of Dr. Glenn Krieger, was designed to be a group where orthodontists-regardless of experience, background or treatment philosophy-can join together and work through many of the issues that create the greatest stress in their practice lives. The “RD” stands for
“regional dominance”, because every practice is awarded an exclusivity to grow in the group without competing doctors in their area.

A New Way of Thinking

There are lots of ways to make your practice better. You can read books, hire consultants, go to business programs or just find out the hard way through trial and error. But let’s be honest; you signed up to be an orthodontist and with things like overhead, staffing, marketing and financial management, nobody told you how hard it would be to be a business owner.

OrthopreneursRD was designed to help with the non-technical parts of practice by someone who’s been through it all. Dr. Glenn Krieger has 25 years in dentistry, spent time in business programs, lectured internationally on case acceptance and internal marketing solutions and has been named “Top Clinician in CE” over 10 times by Dentistry Today magazine. He has created a place where orthodontists can come together to create a collegial environment, with guidance and motivation, and help each other become the best we can.

The hope is that everyone can avoid the common pitfalls of business ownership and increase our market share with the help of our peers and the active guidance of group discussions by Dr. Krieger.

Our Private Regional Dominance Facebook Group

Our private OrthopreneursRD Facebook group will give you a platform where you can share problems, connect with peers and get solutions for your leadership, management and business issues. Dr. Krieger is an active moderator who brings ideas to the group with regular frequency, so you’re sure to find group solutions to make your practice better.

While there will be a lot of sharing of ideas, there’s no homework. So, come and go as often as you like, knowing that this won’t add stress to your life. However, like anything else, the more you put in, the more you will surely get out.

Remember that our regional exclusivity means your’e the only one in your area with access to the practice pearls the group comes up with. Every member signs a non-disclosure agreement when they join the group.
so that everyone can feel comfortable sharing their best ideas knowing that they stay within the group.

Webinars with leaders in the business world

The monthly webinars are with authors, lecturers, business leaders and those who have shown ways to do things with better outcomes and less stress. Best of all, we want to know about the issues that interest you and will actively seek speakers who can address them. Well even record the webinars and make sure they are posted on our “members only” YouTube channel for viewing at your convenience.

You and your team will even be able to earn CE for the time spent watching the live or recorded webinars.

Annual Mastermind Conference

Our annual mastermind conference (at a reasonable additional cost) is a event where you and your team will be able to distill the essence of our group while having a lot of fun. Experts will help you return to your office with a renewed vigor and the information to make your practice stand out in your region. Every meeting will be focused on specific ways to make you and your team stronger and better equipped to deal with the issues you face on a regular basis. Best of all, you’ll get to kick back and enjoy the social nature of being in a group with like-minded colleagues.

Become an
Orthopreneur Now

With all of the great things this group has to offer, you can join for about the cost of one orthodontic case per year. If we do our job right, you should be able to recoup your investment many times over while you’re a member. There’s only one catch: There’s a regional exclusivity and your territory may already be spoken for. Click the button below to find out if there’s a space available for you in our group.

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